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DigitalHomeShow.us (Digital Home Show) is an on demand program that allows real estate agents to present their listings in an informative multimedia format.

Think of Digital Home Show as a Sunday morning "home show" that's viewed online, on demand, and has only your listings presented.

Each segment is a HomePostcard which is a multimedia presentation of the property. HomePostcards have property photos and information, music, and a professional announcer.


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If your are looking for a new home , click here to locate Digital Home Show City Channel for the area you are looking. City Channels include listings from featured real estate agents and their property listings.

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Play your listings on your own Digital Home Show channel.

Digital Home Show is an on demand multimedia program viewed online. As a Digital Home Show subscriber, your listings are available 24 hours per day 7 days a week.

When you send your prospective customers to your Digital Home Show Channel, they see only your listings in an informative and entertaining multimedia format.

As an added benefit, Digital Home Show also has channels for metropolitan areas where your listings will also be highlighted. Enhanced segments are available to provide for better placement on the Digital Home Show.

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